Monday, August 3, 2009

3 Teams Involved In A Trade Bringing Heatley To NYR? Perhaps

According to Eklund of,

"Does Zherdev Ruling + Oilers Blessing= Dany Heatley, the NY Ranger? Maybe."

Zherdev awarded $3.9M, Oilers are interested, Ottowa GM Murray pressed against the wall even moreso.
Eklund could be right, and I hope he is. I would love to see Heatley wearing Rangers blue. He is a league elite, who has proven more than once he can score 50 goals. Imagine the powerplay. With Gaborik, Heatley, Kotalik, and who knows else! Powerplay problem solved if this goes down. Scoring completely solved if this happens. [Gaborik's already here] I could care less about this guys personality, if he plays hard, and he wants to be here, hes going to score at least 4o goals. Here is the official report from

"I talked about it today on the podcast but it is worth repeating.

With the Oilers giving the Rangers their blessing and the Zherdev ruling all but assuring the Rangers are out of nearly 4 million, I would not be surprised to see the Rangers back into the running for Heatley. And many of my sources agree.

One just texted me, "Dubinsky is the key still, but now it is possible that a deal that would not include Dubinsky could indeed get it done."

Back with more...we are picking up our new puppy this afternoon...the family is ecstatic!



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