Friday, August 7, 2009

Update On Heatley-Movement This Weekend?

So the Wild and the Rangers are really the last 2 still hot on Heatley. The Wild would need to make a trade with the Blues first, in order to create cap space. The Rangers on the other hand, just out of the Zherdev arb. just shed about $3M in cap space. They will easily send $6M back to Ottowa. Suposedly the Rangers will still have to give up Dubinsky, but it might be wise to wait and really watch Murry get desperate, then maybe they wouldnt need to give up Dubinsky, a center, which the Rangers are very short on at the moment. I still think the trade for Brad Richards would be better, based on the fact that he is a center, and an amazing playmaker, among other top qualities. If this deal really goes through [Eklund of is saying it will] we will have another 40-50 all star goal scorer, but even one less center, and still no "set up man".
I say Brad Richards is who we want before Heatley. Then bring in the rookie defensemen, and we will be set for the new 2009-2010 season to begin, as a Stanley Cup contender.
My lines:
1st line-Cally-Richards-Gaborik
2nd line-Avery-Drury-Kotalik
3rd Line-Higgins-Anisimov[or grachev]-Lisin
4th line-Brashear[Id rather voros]-Arnason-? Blank

im still hoping to see Betts back, allthough our penalty kill still should hold up ok.
For once I can honestly give Sather a B+ or an A grade for this off season, based on the signings and trades so far, and the trade rumors above. Except the Brashear signing, all I would like to ask is WHY SATHER? He's a goon, a thug, and he will do nothing for the team except maybe "protect" our players, and get suspended. Anyway, the offseason isnt over yet, so SATHER DONT SCREW IT UP!
I will post any news as soon as they happen.
PS- Just bought 2 Artem Anisimov rookie cards off eBay!

- Kevin

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