Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heatley Trade Getting Close?

According to Eklund a Heatley trade is bound to happen very soon. Yesterday he said a trade would happen last night, so if his sources are correct, a trade should be complete in the near future.

Considering how Dubinsky has not been resigned my speculation would be he's included in the trade. Ottowa would be looking for a center in exchange in the deal as they would lose one. The Rangers would need to dump salary to be under the cap so Rozsival is likely in the package as well as I dont think the Sens would take Redden for a bag of pucks. He contract is just to big and he does not play up to par. He cannot even provide a veteran presense.

Heatley is an all-star 50 goal scorer, no matter which way you put it.
I would love to see something like Dubinsky+Rozsival+A prospect and a pick for Heatley.

The NY Rangers have a totally different look this year, hopefully including TWO 40-50+ goal scorers, making this team finally a feared team to play.

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