Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hockey's Future Interviews Evengi Grachev

So major points in the interview:

HF: You just participated in the Rangers’ prospects camp, do you expect to be a New York Ranger in the upcoming 2009-10 season?

EG: This will be known only in September, after all the training camps and the preseason matches. Now my main aim is to prepare well for the next season and get myself in a great shape right on time for the Rangers’ training camp.

HF: Who impressed you most among your teammates in the camp?

EG: Honestly speaking, I think that no one really shined and moreover we’ve got little time to look at one another. And plus the guys weren’t in their best form as it was only the start of July.

HF: And how comfortable you are with English language?

EG: I don’t say that I can talk freely, but I understand and can explain myself and thus I don’t have any particular problem.

HF: What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

EG: I am still in New York and I’m making plans for the rest of the summer as we speak. But nothing is clear yet.


This kid could be great for us lets see how he does as a rookie in the NHL

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