Friday, July 10, 2009

Rangers Sign Kotalik + Status Of The Team Thus Far

To a 3 year 3 million dollar contract.
This is a great signing, considering its fairly cheap and it addresses power play scoring woes of last year. Kotalik has put up 20+ goals in recent NHL seasons, nearly half on the power play, where he plays the point. He has a great slap shot and wrist shot from the point. Also known for great hands in the shootout.
I still believe General Manager Glen Sather is not done with big moves this offseason, although he may be done with Nikolai Zherdev, who recently filed for arbitration along with teammate Ryan Callahan. Zherdev will likely be awarded within the $3.75M range, but the Rangers are now likely to leave him behind. Ryan Callahan will likely be awarded around $2-$2.5M, and the Rangers should accept if a deal is not reached before his hearing.
The NY Rangers are in need of secondary scoring, but more a #1 center, perhaps one talented enough to compliment recently signed superstar Marian Gaborik, who, if healthy should put up 40-50 goals this season in NY. Among others, there are rumors of a trade with San Jose with Patrick Marleau, who can provide scoring as well as set up Gaborik. There would have to be a package deal including Redden or Rozsival to free up enough cap space, and most likely a talented prospect or high pick for next years draft to sweaten the pot. I would much rather see Redden gone, as I have no real comlaints with Rozsival and considering how Redden screened Lundqvist on the game winning shot in game 7 of last years playoffs in round one with the Washington Capitals. Redden was “defending” Federov, who has an extremely dangerous wrist shot.
Overall, assuming Sather is not nearly done with major moves, I would say he has been pretty successful thus far. Moving Gomez was the perfect move to change the look of this team, dumping a huge mistake of a $7M+ contract for a decent 20 goal scoring playmaker. The return, Higgins, among a few others, is a great cheaper replacement.
Brashear…. :( ((( I will never forgive the hit on Betts in the playoffs last year, no matter how much he “enforces” “Protection” of Gaborik. Hate this move…
More to come very soon

Rumors: Steve Zipay of Newsday is reporting Rangers may be done with Zherdev and trade talks with “the west” are currently in action.

Things still in need to be addressed: A #1 center, secondary scoring, a powerplay QB [Might be Kotalik, or a young prospect, or maybe even a new aquistion in a future signing or trade?]

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  1. Hey Kevin, blog is looking good so far. The only thing I would suggest is putting spaces in between your paragraphs, that way it doesn't look as cluttered.

    And also, while I believe Kotalik will definitely help the powerplay, he is not a powerplay QB, but rather a forward with a cannon slapper who plays the point.