Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Still Want Heatley! + Callahan Resigns 2 years

We have an extremely deep defensive pool? Staal, Girardi, Gilroy, Heikennin, Del Zotto...etc. Check
We have an all star goaltender capable of keeping things strong in our end? Check.
We have major threat goal scorers? Marian Gaborik. Thats it. Not Check.

Fans will cry out "Even if we could trade for him, what if he doesnt get along with Torterella, or his teammates, or....and wants out just like he did to Ottowa? He's not a good guy..." etc
Well, I really dont think his personallity would become a problem, as long as he can finish a training session or practice without a major conflict with anyone. I believe he could. So what if he "wants out now" of Ottowa? As rumors have it Sather is not done with major moves this offseason, as he shouldnt be. Suposedly there was a trade proposal that was about to happen, but since Ottowa wanted Dubinsky, Sather backed out...I could do without Dubinsky to tell you the truth. Hes been in the NHL for a few years now and has shown little to no promise or development. If Sather could find a way to do this, Im sure it would have to include Rozsival or Redden for salary cap situations and Im not to sure Ottowa is willing to take either. I would much rather see Redden gone, as he plays "stand around and watch the other team score" hockey. He is not confident with the puck and shows no leadership abilities.
Gaborik+Heatley would be one of the most feared powerplay units around. Kotalik playing the point, Gaborik looking to get set up, and Heatley just beeing there, would already very significantly improve the powerplay from last year.
So would you deal for Heatley at this point? Who would you deal? Who do you think Ottowa would accept? I personally would like to see Dubinsky+Redden+A prospect or draft pick for Heatley but it would more likely be Rozsival as noone in their right mind would take Redden's discustingly heavy contract.

Callahan reached an agreement with the Rangers on contract terms. This kid made a measley $600,000 last year and has proven himself to be a hard working player with a bright future. The terms were two years, $2.2M and $2.4M. What a raise! He deserves it. Unlike Dubinsky the kids got promise.

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