Saturday, July 11, 2009

Zubov Deal Getting Close?

So defensemen Sergei Zubov is suposedly getting close to a contract deal with the Rangers. At 39 years old he is able to play well on the powerplay. Over the past serval years, when playing an entire season he is capable of putting up around 12-13 goals. Why Sather? Dont do it. This is not the top line center that the Rangers desperatley need. Go after an offensive for that could compliment Gaborik in the center position, such as Marleau or Sharp. I really hope that happens before this... :(


  1. If Zubov were to be signed, I think Sather could then feel more comfortable dealing Rozsival (who actually has trade value, I could see him in ATL). And unless the first line center is a guy like Marleau, who's contract is up at the end of 2011, I don't see Sather trading for a center, when Dubinsky and/or Anisimov are ready to hopefully grab that and Drury still here. Trading for a center would just block Anisimov, or would force one of our natural centers to the wing.

  2. PS - Don't kid yourself, Sharp is not a top line center either, just a average guy who is playing was playing with amazing players like Kane, Toews and Havlat.